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Conidia are a specialist fuel contamination company who develop, produce and sell testing kits to various companies in the marine, aviation and diesel sectors, including major commercial airlines. These kits allow the detection of microbiological contamination in fuel supplies in as little as ten minutes, which in turn enables companies to subsequently take action and undertake appropriate corrective measures as soon as possible.

Conidia Infographic | SEO Hampshire | Thunderbolt Digital

What Conidia needed

The products and services that Conidia provides (as well as the industry in general) are a rather dry subject that can lose people’s interest very quickly, even when they’re actively searching for resources concerning fuel contamination; this was potentially losing them sales to competitors with more visually interesting sites. Conidia’s site itself is aimed at technical experts, but they needed a way to retain the attention of those who visited their page; as a result, Conidia wanted a site that would appeal to experts and supply technical information, but still remain engaging despite the subject matter.

Conidia Bioscience Website | Graphic Design Hampshire | Thunderbolt Digital

How we helped

Thunderbolt was initially up against three other competitors to win the contract with Conidia, and eventually came out victorious against the other agencies due to our proposal featuring a design for the site that was clear, concise and pleasing to the eye. When our team took the site from the design stage to building, we endeavoured to keep the above facets as well as ensure that the site was fully functional and easy to use. Our designers also made sure to add lots of visual interest without creating too much chaos, resulting in an engaging site that still looks technical and professional.

Conidia were immensely pleased with the website that the Thunderbolt team had built them, and even returned two years later to refresh and update the site following its success among their clients. As part of the revamp, we added a distributor map to the site that was integrated with Google maps; this enabled potential customers to find their nearest geographical supplier direct from the homepage, which simplified the user journey and improved UX (user experience).