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Oh Snap are a Surrey and London based business providing wedding film and photo booth hire to help make special days and events just that extra bit more fun and memorable. Established in March 2015, Oh Snap are still getting off the ground but are already making their mark on the world with their excellent pictures.

Oh Snap Website | Website Design Surrey | Thunderbolt Digital

What Oh Snap needed

Oh Snap needed a website that could act as a portfolio for them, and show off what they’re really about! The nature of their business means that visuals would work best, and they needed a site that could help promote their services in a way that fit the company ethos, i.e. fun and aesthetically pleasing!

Oh Snap About Us Page | Web Design Farnham | Digital Marketing

How we helped

The Thunderbolt team immediately set to work designing a website for Oh Snap that would complement their quirky style, and worked closely with the company to allow them to have a certain level of creative input, meaning that the finished product felt a lot more personal to the Oh Snap team than it might have otherwise.

Oh Snap | Web Design | Thunderbolt Digital


Thunderbolt created a unique and dynamic website for Oh Snap, which shows off some of their best portfolio work and is a more engaging way for potential clients to view promotional material; the On Snap team definitely find their website more exciting than static flyers and leaflets, and have told us their customers have said as much, too!

Oh Snap website on an iPad and iPhone | Web Design Surrey | Thunderbolt Digital

Responsive design

Like all of Thunderbolt’s sites, Oh Snap is designed to be mobile responsive, which allows potential customers on-the-go at events like wedding fares to see examples of the firm’s quality videos as well as photography work, which can work with the Oh Snap team to fully advertise their service.

Oh Snap’s fantastic website design and build by Thunderbolt have also allowed the company to stay ahead of the number of new competitor photobooth businesses that have sprung up in the local area – but who don’t have a quality website like Oh Snap does! Their business is also fairing much better than Oh Snap thought it would; the team expected to have to wait for around four years before they started to see a return on their investment, but the sheer level of bookings that the company have received through their site alone has helped see their business take off much faster than anticipated!

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