Here at Thunderbolt Digital, a web design and digital marketing company, we are proud to be Surrey County Council’s preferred digital agency. It is because of this partnership that we were delighted to have the opportunity to work with Two Counties Care and to facilitate the development and design of their new website.

About Two Counties Care

Two Counties Care specialise in caring for senior citizens and adults with a wide range of disabilities. Their main aim is to provide the highest quality care and support services to people in need, and to help them remain living in their own home as safely and independently as possible.

The Problem

Two Counties Care came to us with the view that their old website was too static and outdated. They gave us a brief with the key focus on separating themselves from their competitors. This would be achieved by developing and designing a new website which would be geared towards increasing their business through advertising their services. Two Counties Care were searching for a company who could develop their website through a consultative process, and still provide them with top-tier tech support and relevant marketing expertise, which they found at Thunderbolt Digital.

The Solution

Whilst ensuring we adhered to the design brief, we created a website which utilized the key functionality of both content and contact management. The brief specified the intent of featuring useful information about the company, and that the website would contain a space where customers could upload their own testimonials. However, the brief also stressed importance of limiting clutter and retaining their brand identity of a caring, compassionate, friendly company, with a local focus. We paid close attention to these specifications and ultimately created a website which met each and every criteria.

Rather than starting from the ground up, we decided to build upon Two Counties Care’s existing brand recognition, by keeping the existing colour scheme and visual cues from the previous site. This ensured we retained the same look, feel and brand awareness associated with Two Counties Care, whilst still launching it into a modern format. Pertaining to the reduction of cluttered content, we decided to separate information about the company onto different child pages, which were easily accessible from the tabs located on the parent page. This ensured that the site was user-friendly and easy to navigate, benefiting all users, both new and old. As requested, we also implemented customer testimonials located in a dedicated space on each child page, cycling through multiple responses. This reinforced the quality of patient care of which Two Counties Care pride themselves.

At the end of the project, Two Counties Care were pleased with the final website and we were also proud to put our name to it. We feel the website reflects the qualities of both Two Counties Care and Thunderbolt Digital and resulted in a positive experience on both sides.

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