As a Surrey marketing agency, we have a lot going on all at once. We use certain tools to automate parts of our job in order to be more efficient. So if you’re struggling to keep up with all the marketing activities you’re trying to do, why not consider Mailchimp?

Think like a Surrey marketing agency – send email offers and deals 

As a business, you want to retain existing customers as well as attract new ones. If someone has bought from you before, you’ll want to keep them excited by the prospect of buying again. One easy way to achieve this is through email marketing. This is a tool often used by a marketing agency in Surrey to remind old customers that you are still there. You can also use it as news to update your customers on new products and services you are providing. But with Mailchimp, you can set it to send an email after a certain amount of time since the last purchase to offer them a deal; this entices them to stay with your company rather than a competitor. 


Fully automated, send whenever you like

When you’re busy trying to market your company, you don’t have enough time to achieve everything. With Mailchimp, all you need to do is set up your email, have your contacts in the online system, and set your time to send. That’s it. No extra hassle or rushing your other work to make time. All emails can be sent at once – there’s no need to spend hours typing up individual emails!

Make it look professional with tools 

If you don’t have a designer to hand like a Surrey marketing agency, making an email look professional is extremely hard to achieve. With Mailchimp, they provide you with various templates that are drag and drop, so anyone can do it. You can create an image library so that all the photos you would want to add are all in one place. With more than 100 different templates, you can make your colour scheme and font match your logo. Or you can make the email completely different. 


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