When thinking about email marketing, you may think it’s a thing of the past. But that’s where you’re wrong. Email marketing is actually an incredibly powerful and useful marketing tool. If you aren’t using it for your business, what’re you waiting for? Here’s a guide from the expert web designers in Surrey on how you can use it to help market your business:



Let’s start by addressing the why: why should you use email marketing? Your email database is made up of a warmed up audience who are already familiar with your product or service. By keeping them informed of sales, product releases or discount codes you’re keeping your business at the forefront of their mind. And because they’re already interested, they’ll be much more likely to make a purchase than someone who has never even heard of your company before.



So how can you build up your database? Including a form on your website is a great way to attract customers to sign up. Many companies offer a discount code on your first order if you sign up to their email newsletter. This is a great way to entice customers to sign up. You can also run lead campaigns on social media and Google to increase your email database.



So now you know why you need email marketing and how to build your database, what content should you be doing? Here’s a few examples that are quite common:


New Products

If you have a new product launch coming up, why not tell your email database about this first? By offering them this exclusive, you’re giving them a great incentive to stay subscribed. Plus, this will generate excitement and noise online about your new product.


Personalised Follow Up Emails

A great tool that comes with email marketing is the ability to send out personalised emails. For example, if someone adds products to their basket but doesn’t checkout, send them a reminder email. Send out a special discount code for your customers’ birthday. Email them with recommended products you think they’ll like based on their previous orders. Don’t bombard them with emails, try to keep them relevant: but keep your business in their mind.


Sales and Events

If you’re having an upcoming sale, a great place to advertise this is in your emails. Tell your customers about your sale or the discount code you’re offering and give them a reason to make a purchase today!


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