As a Surrey Marketing Agency, we have seen how digital marketing has drastically evolved over recent years. The rise of social media has changed the way many people interact with their audiences. However, with all these new channels of communication available, some might wonder whether email marketing is still an effective strategy to reach consumers in 2022. Can email marketing still be used effectively? Let’s explore this topic in more detail. 

The Bad Side Of Email Marketing

Although email marketing still has its place in 2022, there are instances where it can be less effective. Emails that are overly frequent, repetitive or lengthy are often quick to be dismissed by UK consumers. You should avoid emails that pressure consumers. You should also avoid emails that are too long as they may overwhelm consumers thus causing them to unsubscribe or ignore the email in question. By combining these factors with an additional follow up SMS/MMS message, your emails will come across even more irritating. 

The Danger of Over-Personalisation 

Another factor that can alienate UK consumers is over-personalisation. It can make people uncomfortable when companies they have no relationship with use their first name and imply they know their likes and dislikes. Location specific updates such as “Join this event happening just 2 miles from your home” may also come across as intrusive and annoying. 

Avoid Over Sending

Especially since the start of the pandemic, the frequency of emails being sent to consumers has definitely increased for many businesses. This has been reinforced by the increase in online shopping as a result of the pandemic as well as the prevalence of data sharing by companies. 

Although younger generations may be more tolerant to promotional emails as it helps them to make purchases on a budget, for older generations a bombardment of emails can be off putting and annoying. 

It is important to be aware how overly frequent emails can affect consumers. Sending too many emails may cause consumers to ignore messages, mark them as spam or unsubscribe. If you do wish to send a higher volume of emails, you should instead opt for shorter emails that are interesting. 

How To Email Market Effectively in 2022 

Although new channels involved with reaching new audiences have been introduced in recent years, email marketing still remains as one of the most engaging methods For many, checking email boxes is a daily habit and still a preferred method of communication. But how can you use email marketing effectively in 2022? Here is a few tips. 

Use Surveys to Improve Your Email Programme 

A great benefit of surveys is that they are quick to carry out. Results provided can also help you to better tailor future emails more effectively. But what should surveys contain? The most effective email surveys will have a limited number of questions and should take no longer than five minutes to complete. You can ask questions surrounding personal preferences, hobbies and socio-demographic information. These examples will help you to create more personalised campaigns that will be useful to the consumer. 

Mobile Optimisation Is A Must 

The world we live in is becoming increasingly more mobile. Nearly everyone owns a smartphone in this day and age. We increasingly use them for everything from shopping to conducting official meetings. For this reason, it is essential that your email marketing strategy is optimised to capture audiences through mobile phone usage. 

For example, it is essential that when users open emails on a mobile device that they load correctly. If users are unable to read your offers, it is unlikely they will re-read the email on a computer later on. Thus your optimisation techniques should ensure that all newsletters are mobile friendly. You should also ensure that CTA’s are easily visible and that the loading speeds are sufficient. 

Conclusion – Is Email Marketing Still Effective? 

As we have covered, email marketing still remains one of the most popular ways to reach target audiences in 2022. However, as the world of digital marketing continues to evolve, so should your email marketing strategy. To produce better results from your email marketing campaigns, ensure that your emails are relevant and mobile friendly. You should avoid lengthy newsletter and bombarding your audience with emails as it may alienate readers. 

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