What do you think about when someone says email marketing? The annoying emails that clog up your junk folder? That is very much the stereotypical way to see it. For a small or medium sized enterprise, email marketing can be a huge lifeline. Here in Surrey we are aiming to change the way people see email marketing. 


How is it useful? 


Email marketing is a great way to keep loyal customers in the loop. Updating them on new products or news in your company is a great way to keep people interested, and wanting the next thing you create. Email marketing in Surrey is also used as a loyalty scheme, so those that receive emails can get a discount or a bigger choice in colours of your product. These strategies ensure that you retain a customer base that is enthusiastic about your company and its products. Email marketing may have been around much longer than social media, but it is a great way to capture all of your audience with a wide range of content.


How can it benefit you? 


Have an older audience? Or have news you want to tell your clients but social media isn’t working? Then email marketing is for you. Email marketing has been especially successful in Surrey as, with a higher population of elderly, they access emails rather than social media. Email marketing can mean that you have an increase in traffic as customers click the link to the new product or jump on the deal you have advertised. This builds further brand awareness, and can result in further sales of your products. If customers like your products and receive a discount, they will encourage family and friends to sign up to your email list or buy a similar product. 


How can you improve your email marketing campaign? 


The best way to boost your email marketing is to increase your number of emails, you can do this through offering a family discount, or an amount of money off their first order, or extra goods when you refer a friend. Try to focus your emails around when you have a new product or a big bit of news, if you pepper your clients with too many, your emails will quickly end up in the junk folder. 


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