Email marketing was one of the first forms of marketing originating back to 1978. Email marketing, however, comes in several forms, not just to generate more sales and revenue. These include; Welcome emails, Newsletters, Nurturing emails and Re-engagement emails to name a few. The journey within acquiring leads or converting old/new customers again could be the difference between your best business year yet. As a leading digital agency specialising in email marketing in Surrey, let our experienced team help you.


The Statistics

Up to 40% of business to business marketers agree that email newsletters and mailing lists are crucial to their content marketing success. In fact, 9 out of 10 consumers check their emails daily, which proves this is by far the most preferred way to receive updates from brands and businesses. With these impressive numbers, it’s no wonder that businesses are desperate to get in the loop before their competitors within these marketing strategies.


The Benefits 

Create personalised branded content; Being able to customise your campaigns and target custom audiences will allow your customers to feel targeted specifically. Emails that include the customer’s name within the first lines of an email have a much higher click-through rate compared to more general emails that don’t. 

Data analysis and feedback; Understanding your customer experience and the journey they take is essential to marketing success. Ensuring that they will continue to engage, interact and hopefully purchase your product or service. Sending out surveys or feedback forms are some of the best ways to improve your email marketing strategies and learn what your customers are looking for. 

Increased sales; Whilst email marketing gets your business’ name out onto the world wide web it improves your sales as well. By promoting deals or highlighting discounts in services or products. As a result your customers may be more inclined to purchase or look further within your website. Additionally, implementing email marketing will allow you to automate part of your customer’s sales journey.

Traffic generation; Email marketing campaigns also allow your SEO and sites search engine ranking to increase. Using links will direct your audience to certain pages that you want to gain more recognition and attraction, this leads to higher traffic on the site and in turn, improves your SEO. Each sales email must contain a call to action to prompt users to click and hopefully convert.

The ideal place for self-promotion; It can be difficult and awkward presenting your business to prospects who may not be interested or ever heard of you before. Since your emails are going to an audience that has opted-in personally you can guarantee each email sent will be of some relevance to users reading it. As the customers are interested in your business you never have to feel disruptive or unwanted.

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