As a leading graphic design Surrey based agency, Thunderbolt Digital offers a range of high-quality digital marketing services including logo and graphic design, social media marketing, web design and much more. With our in-house team of professional designers and developers, we know the value of great designers and the high-quality designs they produce for our clients. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it’s perhaps time to show the graphic designers in your life a little admiration too. We are certainly loving Joanna Behar’s brilliant set of Valentine’s cards for graphic designers. They’re fun and quirky, whilst being great examples of design themselves!

Custom typography is ideal for making your website or logo stand out from the crowd. Yet its memorable nature doesn’t only extend to making customers remember you. Combining a cluster of fun and distinctive lettering with a charming pun, Behar’s “I’m font of you” card makes for a valentine to be remembered. If you want to get even pickier about your card’s choice of type, then Behar shows she knows what she’s talking about with this deconstruction of a simple ‘I love you’ message.

Though you may have to keep a wary eye on copyright, a great parody brings a smile to someone’s face and creates a design to be remembered. Behar does this perfectly, turning the cliché romantic phrase “PS: I love you” on its head with a brand logo any designer should be familiar with. Other designs in the collection give common software a romantic flair, with the ‘user’ of the card design locking down their ‘Heart’ layer for their Valentine. In Behar’s cards on Valentines Day U and I doesn’t stand for user interface and an Apple Mac’s screen has a ‘make Valentine’ option for its files.

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