At Thunderbolt, we love all things digital. Our hard-working team of web developers and graphic designers, based in Surrey, are always searching for new, exciting and innovative ways to improve upon their latest projects. Social media icons provide a valuable contribution to the design of a website. In order to encourage visitors to engage with the company on different platforms, they need to stand out and be easily accessible, but also keep in line with the theme and overall design of the site. Many hours pondering on this conundrum has led us to bring you our Top 5 Free Social Media Icons, and (hopefully) help make it a little easier for you to decide on a set to use.

1.Social Media UI Buttons

By: Ivo Ivanov

This set of social media icons exudes professionalism. Constructed from spherical shapes, the metallic look and feel has a very modernistic vibe, perfect for anyone creating a more contemporary, high-end website.

Download Here

2.20 Social Media Icons (Freebie)

By: Dawid Dapszus

Dawid’s set takes a more casual approach to design. Featuring the use of primary and secondary colours, these icons express a more minimalistic approach, sure to be right at home on any simplistic or flat design website.

Download Here

3. OLED Social Icons

By: Arrioch

This unique set of social media icons will assist any blog or website in becoming more fun, yet still broadly appealing. These icons are best suited for niche projects with the similar aesthetics to the icon set, adding to a sense of uniformity.

Download Here

4. Boxxed: 24 Free Flat Social Media Icons

By: Pauline Cabrera

This social media set stands apart from many others by conforming to a quadratic approach of design. The bright and bold colours help to draw the attention of the user, making them ideal for almost any type of website or blog.

Download Here

5. Free Grunge and Faded Social Media Icons Vol 3

By: Nathan Brown

Our last set of social media icons follow a comparable rectangular design to Pauline’s set above. It presents a distinct distressed and strained look and feel. This synergises well with websites and blogs utilising a more grungy or vintage look to their designs.

Download Here

We hope you have found a set of social media icons that spur you on to use in a current or future project, or better yet, that we have inspired you to create your own!

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