As a local web design Surrey agency, here at Thunderbolt Digital we pride ourselves in providing top class web design, web development, mobile app development, social media marketing and a whole range of other digital marketing services. With our highly talented in house design and development team, we consider ourselves experts when it comes to web design and development. We therefore make sure to keep our eyes open for new, and perhaps unexpected, changes in web design and a recent article on the industry’s future caught our attention. Top professionals from the likes of Google and Microsoft have shared where they believe the area of web design is going. Here are five of their predictions as to what new roles web design skills could take us into in the near future.

Augmented Reality Designer

With technology surrounding augmented reality growing ever more prevalent, designers will soon face the challenge of imposing their design ideas over the physical world. Those able to create immersive sensory experiences will be required to utilise this technology for its full potential, revolutionising everything from education, to healthcare, to advertising.

Avatar Programmer

Glen Murphy, director of Android and Chrome, believes the design and creation of online avatars – virtual representations of people in online media, is an area that will boom within web design. Celebrities who wish to advertise themselves or other brands within video gaming, films or virtual reality are the intended market. Whilst motion capture is already used within the film industry, this could soon become a method for the rich and famous to use to control their online image and make money from their images.

Synthetic Biologist/Nanotech Designer

Carl Dess, CEO of Autodesk believes that in five to ten years our current methods of cancer treatment will seem crude to the point of barbaric. Whilst current methods cause damage to healthy cells, experiments into 3D biological printing have opened up ideas of creating software that tailors treatment to the patient’s DNA and even prints organs and other body parts to insert into the body.

Chief Creative Officer (CCO)

With web design able to make or break a company, it is believed by many that soon companies will start having CCOs as readily as they have CEOs. Other suggested titles include CDO – Chief Design Officer, however the importance of design is clearly felt with the demand to have a top role to manage all elements of creativity and design within a company.


This rather abstract job title is the dream of Microsoft principal research designer, Asta Roseway. She believes the future of technology is not through blocky designs and chunky monitors. A fusionist combines elements of art with engineering and software design, creating a more fluid and inspiring approach to physical and web design. Perhaps, in the near future, we will be waving goodbye to the typical rectangular screen design and will have whole new shapes to design our sites around.

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