The ‘Barn in the Sky’ can be a very busy place from time to time. Located in the heart of Farnham, Surrey, Thunderbolt‘s hard-working, dedicated team of web designers and developers are always on the lookout for new ideas and inspiration. The internet provides us web designers with a tremendous back catalogue of examples, and with the web design industry ever-growing, inspiration is only a click away. To ease the struggles of searching through pages and pages of examples, we bring you our Top 4 Inspirational Websites.

 1. Marshall Amplification

Marshall Amplification has a beautifully crafted example of web design. Featuring a theme of geometric shapes, tessellated around each page, this website is superiorly user-friendly, easy to navigate and very welcoming. The use of these shapes connotes stability and strength, referencing Marshall‘s commitment, dedication, and involvement in the history of rock ‘n’ roll music. This is a prime example of how websites advertising a product or service should operate – inviting pictures, detailed information, and organised in a tidy, clutter-free fashion.


2.Budnitz Bicycles

Breathtakingly stylish, inspirationally simplistic. The design of Budnitz Bicycles website projects examples relating to minimalism. With the home page only consisting of a large image slider (depicting examples of their products) and a row of three images below, this web design proves that a little can go a long way. What’s interesting about this web design is the reinforcement of the brand’s identity, with repetition of the colours electric blue and white across each page. The simplistic captioning of each picture, often featuring a white background, represents Budnitz Bicycles to be simple, hassle-free, but fully functioning. This web design showcases that less is more. Having a website which is simple, yet aesthetically pleasing can present your business, to new and existing customers, in a very positive manner.


3. Reebok

The well-known sportswear brand Reebok has a wonderfully creative e-commerce website. With links and information about the products, services and news relating to Reebok, this represents a style in theme which all sportswear websites should follow. The site features a common element evident across all pages – a large, uniquely designed, image slider placed at the top of the page. As you access each page the images change to reflect the theme of the page. The resulting factor is not only a unique, urban aesthetic, but a mode which presents to the user the topic of the page from a pictorial aspect. This creates a superb user experience, helping them along their journey through Reebok‘s website.


4. Ultranoir

The French web design agency Ultranoir has created a magnificently chic and personal design to their website. Rather than featuring their portfolio on its own child page, it is the main subject (and focus) of their home page. This projects their creativity and expertise to the world, circling through each project, providing details of the services they provide. What this achieves for Ultranoir is a unique design, where information can be found at first glimpse of the homepage. This produces a simplistic and easy user experience, separating Ultranoir from their competitors.


Hopefully, you have found a website which will contribute to your efforts in web designing. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, we would love to hear from you. Or better yet, drop us some links to your favourite website designs.

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