If you’re looking for logo design in Surrey, our team of designers work day in, day out on creating stunning logos. Every business needs to rebrand every few years to keep things fresh and trendy. If you’re looking for a new logo to refresh your brand, then here’s some tips on what makes great logo design…


Make it memorable

Great logos can be drawn by hand, from memory. If someone can remember and replicate a logo with ease, then you know you’ve got a good one. Just take Nike’s simple tick or McDonald’s golden arches for example. These logos are simple, but memorable enough that people could draw it at the click of a finger.


Logos should have structure

Structure is a part of the logo that not many people talk about. Does it stand firmly? Does it look balanced or symmetrical? Humans much prefer symbols that are organised, aligned and symmetrical.


However, it’s important to note that humans also enjoy discovering something different and unique. How can the logo be both structurally organised and unique at the same time? This is where the challenge lies…and we enjoy a challenge!



Last, but not least, a great logo should be able to be used in a variety of ways. For example, a logo you can only use in one way online is not ideal, as it can limit the way you expose your brand to the world. Choose a logo that can be resized and used on different media – this will allow you to make marketing materials that will make your brand significantly more visible!


If you’re looking for logo or web design in Surrey, then why not get in touch with our expert design team on 01252 414757. Or, drop us an email to howdy@wearethunderbolt.com to set up a meeting. We’d love to hear from you!