A day in the life of a digital marketing agency Guildford:


Digital marketing isn’t as simple as you might think. There’s a lot of changes and monitoring that happens daily that you may not be aware of. The ins and outs of what we do aren’t always clear to those who aren’t in our industry. So here’s a run down of what a digital marketing agency in Guildford actually does for their clients. 



Search engine optimisation is the process of getting a website as high up the google rankings as possible. This isn’t something that can be achieved by a click of our fingers. We produce two blogs per month minimum for our clients on the topic of their choosing. We then make sure relevant keywords are added. On any given day we are either writing these blogs or optimising them. This is done through a yoast plugin in the backend of wordpress. This makes sure the blog is getting the full SEO benefit it can have. Or our marketers will be working to boost on page SEO by adapting website copy to ensure new keywords are included as trends change. We can also be working to procure high quality backlinks that act on your off-page SEO to boost the rankings. 



Pay-per-click marketing is a key part of what a digital marketing agency in Guildford does for their clients, but it is probably the least known for the public. PPC is the ads you see on Google everyday. Our marketers are constantly monitoring this. On a day to day basis they keep track of any leads, alerting our clients to new enquiries and opportunities that arise from our work. We check the top level results for each account; this is monitoring the CTR, clicks, impression share and CPC. These give us an indication of the success of current campaigns and ads, allowing us to adjust accordingly and limit the effect of any speed bumps. Checking ad spend is also done daily to ensure that the limit is not exceeded at any point, while allowing us to adjust it per day depending on the success of the ad. 


Social Media

The tasks we complete for our social media clients varies depending on the business needs. It can vary from management of your accounts, to answering comments, or creating ads. A digital marketing agency in Guildford like us deals with all forms of social media; from Facebook and Instagram, we take care of it all. On a daily basis our marketers are answering the comments on any posts to ensure your customers have a quick response.

They are also making sure that your ads are enticing and engaging. They work with our in-house designers to ensure that ads are visually appealing, as well as continuously checking the ad copy for its effectiveness. We monitor all ads and boosted posts to ensure that our clients are receiving the best ROAS (return on ad spend). We make sure that our work is effective and is having a positive impact on the acquisitions count as well as reaching the desired number of impressions, while still being for the correct target audience. 


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