Think of a big brand. What did you think of? Google? Amazon? Nike? What did you picture when you thought of it? Did you see the arrow on one of your parcels? Did you think of your sport leggings, or did you see the tick on your shoes? Next day delivery? Or of a footballer sporting a Nike deal? Every bit of this is branding. It’s how the brand is perceived, how they are compared to competitors, it’s their point of difference all rolled into one. What is branding? It’s what we see when someone says “Mcdonalds”. As the expert in Surrey web design we understand the value of brand when it comes to designing a website and a marketing strategy. Here’s are guide to branding that will help grow your business.



Getting your potential customers to remember your brand is key. It is the first step in gaining them as an actual customer. We don’t like to buy anything from a company we don’t know. We take time to research and consider our options, read reviews and testimonials. Having your brand seen more often makes your brand more trustworthy, and in turn, customers are more likely to buy from you. 


Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is picking your favourite brands over any alternative, even when another option is potentially cheaper. We do this because we trust the quality of the brand we know. We choose this option rather than switching as it means we don’t buy something faulty or invest in something unsuccessful. Brand loyalty means your customers keep coming back. Give them a product and service they’re happy with and they will continue to choose you over the competition next time. 


Revenue Equals Growth

It’s simple, but the secret of a business is revenue. Without it, your business cannot survive. In order to grow your brand, you need to ensure cash flow all year round. Having brand recollection and brand loyalty puts you in good stead to then expand. Whether expanding by adding more products or more employees, without initial interest and investment in your brand, you cannot grow your business. 


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