As a digital marketing agency that specialises in web design in Surrey and the surrounding areas, we recognise that social media has greatly changed the way we market our products. This millennial craze has boosted the reach of marketing tenfold. If your target audience is between 16-30, social media is your main marketing technique considering they spend a median of 3 hours a day on social media. It is a great tool to use to attract your target audience, as well as to hold their attention. 


What’s an influencer?

A social media influencer is someone who has a significant number of followers in a certain area of a market. They can affect the spending patterns of their followers by endorsing certain products or services. They are generally paid by a company to display a product through their social media; on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or any other platform. Some influencers that are paid to hype clothes for example only need to take a photo with said clothes. Or if they are promoting a service, they could record a video of them using the service or rave about how good their experience was. Prices for this service can vary depending on the influencer, the number of followers they have, and the awareness of the product already. 


What effect can it have? 

You may well be surprised about the effect influencers can have on your sales figures. Particularly for millennials, image is key. Therefore, keeping up with the trends is a must. Here, the influencers are the trendsetters. As a result, you need to make sure your products are being seen. Having an influencer boost your products can create an increased level of engagement with your own social media. It can create a community for your customers and it ultimately leads to more sales. 


How it boosts awareness. How can you pair it with your Surrey web design?

Instagram has become one of the best ways to boost awareness of your products. Most micro influencers have anywhere from 6,000 to 10,000 followers. Having 30,000 or more followers generally classifies you as an influencer. If an influencer promotes your product, their followers will all be seeing your product. Though they may not appeal to all of them; in the space of a post you could gain thousands more customers, who can therefore in turn tell more of their friends. It is the quickest way to get people interested in your product. All while giving a trusted review from an influencer in the process. It adds trust to your brand, resulting in more sales for your company. 


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