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A recession can hit companies hard. With Covid-19 far from over, we as businesses need to take stock of where we are in order to weather the oncoming storm. As a digital agency in Surrey, we know the impact a recession can have. Recessions are known to close many businesses and they aren’t always predictable. Many large, well established companies have previously been caught out by being complacent in their current position. Now is your chance to take measures to reduce the impact that an economic downturn can have. 


Focus on what you have 

This may sound over simplified but in a recession, we are all trying to reduce our outgoings. New customers are harder to tempt than existing ones. A great way to show your loyal customers what you’re up to is email marketing. You can keep your viewers in the loop of new products, deals, competitions etc. It’s a great way to keep the love for your brand alive, and maintain your customers’ enthusiasm for your products. It may not always convert into a sale, but it means that you’re in the back of their minds and they may come back to you, or recommend you to a friend. 


Try, tweak, and repeat

Marketing in tough times isn’t always easy. There is trial and error in all forms of marketing, but even more so in hard times. You have to see the areas where customers can be targeted better, and who in your target audience is more willing to spend. When marketing in a recession, keep adjusting your marketing objectives, your audience, their interests and the locations you are optimising for. Doing this will show you the best areas to work on to get the best results for your business. 

What do your customers want? 

In a recession, most consumers are looking to buy the bare minimum. Try to adapt your products to either become necessities, or to make them seem more like a “need” even if they’re really a “want”. This is the easiest way to attract customers. You need to almost set a trend. Our society is easily coerced into making a decision that they should buy a product. Create offers that mean the customer is getting a better deal, and you will attract the bargain hunters searching your site. 


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