YouTube is an immensely powerful, yet often overlooked, marketing tool. It’s the 2nd most visited platform in the world. With more than 2 billion active users, it’s essential to use YouTube as part of your marketing strategy. As one of the top marketing agencies in Surrey, we have compiled this list of essential YouTube Marketing tips for 2022. 

Your Name Reflects Your Brand 

Before you get started on YouTube, take time to consider your account name. You’ll want to do some research here to find a name that is unique for your brand. As a matter of preference, you may choose a name that reflects your service like “Yoga Daily”. Alternatively, you may wish to simply go with your name. Doing so can add a personal touch to your channel as your audience will know you on a first-name basis. 

Know Your Target Audience

Once your channel name has been established, you’ll next want to consider your audience. You’ll want to ask questions like “who are my videos for?” and “What are my audience’s YouTube habits?”.

If you already have a YouTube channel in place, make sure to utilise the analytics page. Here, you’ll be provided with an overall insight into your audience. It will show you details regarding your audience age and gender as well as their location. 

Conduct a Competitor Analysis 

When you have established an understanding of your audience, best practice is to then conduct competitor research. When analysing your competitors on YouTube, you will want to consider factors like: 

  • Number of subscribers
  • Average views per video 
  • How frequently they post on YouTube
  • Video content 
  • Comments on videos 


Far from just cat videos and light entertainment, YouTube is an extremely useful tool to include in your marketing strategy. By posting videos on this platform, you can engage with your audience in unique and creative ways. At the start of your YouTube marketing journey, you’ll want to make sure that you take the time to consider your channel name and brand amongst other factors. You’ll want to conduct a thorough competitor research to find out how your channel can stand out. By doing research and understanding your audience, you’ll be off to a great start for your YouTube Marketing!

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