Digital Marketing is an ever-growing industry that provides services and advertisements to businesses trying to improve their sales, brand awareness or outreach. Digital Marketing account executives have a very varied role, one day they are creating ad campaigns and the next they are writing blogs or email campaigns. This requires organisation, focus and a genuine interest in helping others.


Starting The Day

Marketing account executives usually have an early start. Getting to the office before everyone else to answer emails and structure their day ahead. Each day is different, that’s why it is essential to prepare and organise tasks that need to be done by certain deadlines. 



Account executives are responsible for updating clients, whether it’s weekly reports or outreach meetings trying to gain new clients. Since COVID-19 meeting software such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meets have skyrocketed. As people begin to realise the ease of virtual meetings more businesses can remain safe and still get the benefits of a meeting. Although virtual meetings are a great alternative, face-face meetings allow the account executive and client to form a personable relationship, seeing someone face to face is much different compared to an online call. 


Work Environments  

Marketing account executives do a lot of travel. This could be to client offices or networking events. Apart from the travel aspect of the role, most days include working from home or in the office, this usually entails working from a computer. Due to the constant communication account executives must be ready to respond to client emails or questions to maintain a good relationship. Regardless of location, a professional marketing account executive will be able to work anywhere with a WIFI connection. 


Essential Skills

Communication – Working at a marketing agency requires a lot of talking, not to other colleagues but to however many clients your company works with. Being able to communicate verbally and in writing is one of the most important traits within an account executive.

Organisation – Having to deal with several projects at once can be overwhelming, that’s why managing what you do and when is essential for an account manager.

Nerves Of Steel – Meeting new people can be daunting for some, marketing account managers are meeting/communicating with new people daily whether it’s virtual or in person. Having the confidence to present your pitch or service without crumbling is paramount.


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