An agency can often be a hectic environment with a lot going on. And multitasking is often the norm. At our digital agency in Surrey, Thunderbolt, we strive to be as efficient as possible. There are various ways we ensure this stays the case. Obviously every business is different, but here’s a guide of 4 tips that may suit your business and help you to increase your efficiency: 


Keep on schedule with your work

Each day we have a 5 minute morning and afternoon meeting to review the day and our accomplishments. This allows us to plan ahead for the next day, as well as discuss any issues or hurdles that presented themselves throughout the day, resolving them as a team if they haven’t already been fixed. This also allows us to plan our efforts to work together. For example, pairing our SEO efforts with social media posts to gain further traction. 


Communication is key

We use a platform called Slack to allow our team to communicate with each other 24-7. This allows us to ask questions and get a response much quicker than through emails. You can also have group conversations for specific projects to coordinate efforts more efficiently. We also use Google Drive to ensure that we can access each other’s work to edit and proofread when necessary. 


Continual training, never stop learning

At a digital agency everyone has a specialty, but we are always learning. We ensure that we are keeping up with market changes and new possibilities. Whether through courses or external learning, we are ensuring that the marketing efforts you receive are of the highest quality we can provide. 



In marketing, it’s always best practice to ensure that you haven’t missed anything. With any large changes to an account, another person will check your work to ensure human error is avoided. Everything is then looked over by a line manager before going live. This means that your account is in safe hands and that your brand is always shown in the best light. Our team also brainstorm any ideas we have. Despite having our own specialties, we have an understanding of each other’s work. This means that if we are ever stuck, we can turn to each other for help.

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