You may have thought that businesses might not be hiring new employees during today’s climate. But as far as we’re concerned, you’d be wrong. While, yes, some companies may have had to cut back and pause the hiring process, we haven’t. In recent times we have hired two more employees to join our digital marketing team in Surrey, and are open to hiring more. Read on to find out how we’ve expanded our team and adjusted to working remotely during lockdown.


How we’ve adapted working remotely


During these unusual circumstances, we’ve all had to learn to adapt and work in a different way than we’re used to. Our digital marketing agency in Surrey has been working from home for 3 months now. The wonders of technology have made it easy for us to stay connected with our team and our clients through Zoom, and Google Hangouts. Rather than having a weekly team meeting, we now have a meeting every morning and afternoon to go over the agenda for the day, raise any questions, and ensure we are maintaining good communication. We’ve always been dedicated to prioritising our clients, and that has not changed.


How we’ve hired new employees while working remotely


Despite the current Covid-19 pandemic, we have continued to receive lots of enquiries from clients, and we are continuing to expand our business. We’ve hired two more employees to join our digital marketing team in Surrey. These are the first employees we’ve ever hired while working remotely, and we’ve had to change a lot about the hiring and induction process. We advertised our job opportunities using Job Board sites such as Indeed, and then had our first video interviews through Zoom. We then prepared our first virtual induction and provided our employees with a 2 week calendar which helps us to stay focused on their training. Training, rather than in-person, has commenced online using Zoom and Google Hangouts. 


These are unusual times for everyone – including us. It might have taken us a minute to find our footing and adjust to this new way of doing things, but we’ve found that it works really well. These current times have shown us what is important and what is not. We’ve actually decided to continue working from home for 1-2 days a week once normality returns.


How we can help you


Our team is used to working as a digital marketing agency in Surrey and, even though we are now working from home, that has not changed. We’ve found that our work has actually become more efficient because there’s no commute and less distractions during the day. Whatever your business, we are continuing to work as a team to help your company reach its full potential, and some of our clients are receiving an ROI of over 1,600%.


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