When creating a website, there are understandably a lot of cogs working in your head all at once. You want to achieve a look and feel that represents your brand, while not looking tacky or too outdated. You’ll also want to achieve this as quickly as possible, and preferably, for as low a fee as is reasonable. Achieving all of these things together at once can seem impossible, and for some, it can be. This is why we recommend using a full-service digital agency in Surrey.


A Seamless Service from a Digital Agency in Surrey

We all want a service that is professional, quick, reliable, and for a reasonable price. This is part of the ethos that our company was founded upon. We strive to help small to medium-sized enterprises achieve their full potential. Over the last few years, we have found that many customers have come to us either having been let down by a freelancer or turned away from a larger company for having a budget that was too small. We work to ensure that we can help you in any way we can, pooling our resources to help you. 

A designer dedicated to you

Part of your website is getting the aesthetic right. We have in-house designers dedicated to ensuring that we achieve your desired look and feel. Our designers also take care of making sure that the UX is pleasing to the user, and that any animations that you want are actioned. We make sure to have an initial meeting with our designers to ensure that we are getting the colours and fonts you want. We create a mood board and discuss in detail the look and feel you want to portray on your website. 


Search Engine Optimisation

When building a website, you don’t always consider that you need to actually be found on Google. It doesn’t matter if you have the world’s best website if no one knows it’s there. This is where having a full-service digital agency comes in handy. We can optimise your site for you based on location, for example, Surrey, or specific keywords. This is complemented by having two teams working side by side. We can complete this at the same time so that your project isn’t delayed, speeding up the process greatly.  


A Project Manager to Guide you Through

With any project, there are time frames and many moving parts. As a digital agency in Surrey, we have experienced many of our clients come to us having experienced an ill-organised service previously. We aim to take away all of your stress; with a project manager. We have found that this makes sure all of our processes are on schedule and that any speed bumps are addressed in advance to prevent them from becoming an issue. This method means that the project manager will be in touch with you weekly with a progress report. You can also contact them at any time with adjustments or issues you have. 


Contact Us – Digital Agency Surrey 

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