Recently our Surrey based office has turned into a full on war zone between the web designers and the marketing team. We say war zone, but what we actually mean is mild pranks have been pulled between the two departments during lunchtime. One of the pranks, which had the whole office in stitches, was the installation of a Chrome extension. This got us thinking, what are the funniest Google Chrome extensions? So our team of online experts searched the Internet to find some of the funniest examples Chrome has to offer.

N Cage

What is funnier than the infamous Nicolas Cage’s facial expressions? Nothing. The N Cage addition replaces every image on any website you visit with the Hollywood actor’s face. If you want a good laugh install this example, and head over to the Our Story page of our website, his face is everywhere!


Cloud to Butt

Want to give yourself a quick chuckle when you’re having a break? Then Cloud to Butt is the extension for you. What this humorous extension does is replace the word “Cloud” on any page to “Butt”. Doesn’t seem like much, but head over to the cloud computing page of Wikipedia or Wiki Answers and you’re in for a treat.



This chrome extension does exactly what it says on the tin… Nothing. But with over 6500 users there’s got to be something good about this extension. The fact that this extension does absolutely nothing is what makes it so funny. It is completely pointless, but as one reviewer put it “it is one of the few things on the Internet that actually works as it’s meant to”.



Whilst we are on the topic of chrome extensions which alter the images on a web page Mustachio fits in perfectly. What this example does is apply a moustache to the face of any picture above 300x150px in size. There’s something very amusing about seeing a moustache on a baby or Nicolas Cage.


XKCD substitutions

XKCD substitutions is quite a fun extension to have when reading the news online. What this addition does is replace a selection of words with a range of rather amusing ones. For example the word “Pokédex” is replaced with “Pokedex”. Our top tip is to install this extension on your lunch break and test it out on BBC News, each article will become automatically hilarious.

Download Extension


We hope you have enjoyed our funny list of examples! We know for a fact that at least one of these will make your lunch breaks, or lazy weekends that bit more fun. Let us know in the comments which one is your favourite or send us a tweet to @Thunderboltdigi, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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