Thunderbolt Digital are proud to be able to offer our quality services to local companies, including digital marketing Surrey, web development, search engine optimisation, and more! We always like to keep ahead of the news, especially when it’s concerning things that’ll affect us, and we’re delighted to hear about the latest changes to Google’s analytics app!

The Google analytics app has seen a recent update aimed at making things easy as possible for on the go marketers, as not only does it include the essential analytics data we all need to help properly manage our companies, but the app now features bite-sized insights straight to your phone, presented in an easy to read card format, which can be accessed by navigating to the assistant screen.

The appeal of this new feature is that it can put together quick reports and updates, letting you know things such as which products are selling more than usual, or which channels are seeing the most conversions; this can help teams keep up with current trends, allowing marketers to act on these sooner than they might have otherwise as it could take hours to sift through this data manually. In fact, marketers will find this feature especially advantageous during certain holiday periods, as the insight updates can help determine what sort of products are going to be most popular, allowing for increased advertising focus.

Google’s new system will use machine intelligence to learn about your metrics and provide more personalised reports based on your needs; this is also helped along by the feedback system allowing you to communicate to the app which insights were useful.

Whilst these new speedy insights are currently only available on mobile, they should hopefully be making their way to the web version of Google Analytics in time – something that’s sure to be welcome news for many a (digital) marketer!

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