The last decade has been one where marketing has turned on its head. Think of it this way, 10 years ago, the iPhone 4S had just come out and Instagram was only a year old. These changes to social media and the advancement of technology have meant that marketing looks nothing like it did then. As the experts in marketing and web design in Surrey, here’s a quick run-down on how it’s affected the way businesses market themselves and their products. 


No More Print

The likelihood is, you don’t have your newspaper delivered anymore. You either pay for it on your phone, you read a free newspaper on your tablet or phone; or you read articles linked from social media. Over the last 10 years, our behaviour has changed and marketing has developed with it. You no longer want to spend an hour reading the whole newspaper to find the news you want to know about. Social media knows what you normally read and shows you similar articles. 


Social Media Presence

In 2011 Instagram had been live for a matter of months. Now with over half of the world’s population having a social media presence, how could marketing not adapt? Instagram and Facebook marketing is only the tip of the iceberg. From organic posts to boosted posts and ads themselves, we have become accustomed to seeing ads every day on our phones.


Mobile First Websites

In 2010, most people probably had a phone. But compared to where we are now, the difference is astounding. Phones have come a long way from only making calls, to taking photos and now essentially being a miniature computer in your pocket. More than 50% of searches on Google are done on a mobile device. Websites, and social media platforms have become tailored to be “mobile first”. Your brand and website need to make an impression and having someone see it on a small screen makes a big difference. 


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