What a Surrey marketing agency optimises for:

Location and time

You may not have realised, but the ads you see daily on your google searches are tailored to your location and the time at which you are online. Why? Because as a Surrey marketing agency, we know there’s no point showing you a restaurant 100 miles away. But showing an ad for a nearby pub is a lot more likely to tempt you. Similarly, there’s little use in showing you an ad for a cocktail bar nearby at 10am. You may store this information, but you’re more likely to go if you see this after work for example.  


What you search in Google can greatly determine what you see pop up on your screen. Slight changes in optimisation can mean that your ad reaches people that are more likely to convert. If the keyword is more appropriate to the product, it results in a higher quality score which will improve the ranking of your ads.


Quality score

Having a high quality score means that your ad is more desirable in a bid auction. It means that your bids can be lower, yet you will be placed further up in the ad rank. Quality score is improved when the landing page in your ads is relevant to the keywords included in your ad copy.


Target audience

Ads can be targeted so that they only appear to those in the specified age bracket. This is so you’re more likely to get a conversion. For example, you wouldn’t want to show a job advert to someone who is retired, or hearing aid replacements to someone at university with perfect hearing. You can also target things like device type, location, gender and interests. 


Bid strategies used by a Surrey marketing agency 

In Google Ads, there are a number of different Bid Strategies that can be used for your campaigns. Some bid strategies automatically place the bids for you, whereas others are set manually by yourself. Below is a list of each bid strategy and how they work differently:


  • Maximise Clicks: Automatically sets your bids to get the most clicks possible within your set budget.
  • Maximise Conversions: Automatically sets your bids to give you the most chance of getting a conversion within your budget.
  • Manual CPC: Set your bids manually in the keywords section.
  • Enhanced CPC: Your bids are automatically enhanced to help you get more conversions from your manual bidding.
  • Targeting ROAS: Automatically sets your bids to get as much conversion value as possible at your Target Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).
  • Target CPA:  Automatically sets your bids to get as much conversion value as possible at your Target Cost per Acquisition (CPA).
  • Target Impression Share: Automatically sets your bids with the goal of showing your ads at the top of the page.

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