As experts in digital marketing in Surrey, Thunderbolt Digital are always keeping our ear to the ground when it comes to marketing strategies we can use for ourselves and clients. Infographics are hardly a new phenomenon, but despite their increase in popularity, a lot of businesses simply don’t bother creating them or incorporating them into their digital marketing strategy, which is a grave error! You may not know it, but there are a whole host of reasons you should be using infographics online:


  • Infographics convey a lot of information in easily digestible format that’s highly shareable.
  • Infographics are a highly popular form of content that are three times more likely to be shared than others – they’re said to have “viral potential”.
  • You may have heard that social media posts with pictures always perform better than those without, and this applies to infographics too. Infographics are eye-catching like pictures, but users will spend longer digesting an infographic than they would simply looking at a picture, increasing the likelihood of engagement.
  • Infographics are highly “skimmable” which is our favourite form of reading things when scrolling online.
  • The use of figures in infographics generates a feeling of trust and authority amongst the audience.
  • It’s easier for users to visualise figures when presented in picture form over fractions and percentages.
  • Linking back to your website with an infographic is a great way to boost traffic and increase organic search rankings.
  • You can incorporate company branding into infographic colour schemes and increase brand awareness.
  • It’s easy to optimise infographics for mobile devices, and if you are using a template then most are already in portrait format.


If you’d like to take advantage of infographics but don’t know where to begin, allow Thunderbolt Digital to assist you with digital marketing in Surrey! Our team has experience marketing a wide range of businesses, and we always get results. Talk to us today to find out how we can increase your online exposure, simply call 01252 413 757 or email us at