As a digital marketing agency in Surrey, Thunderbolt know just how successful social media can be when it’s used as a digital marketing tool. Instagram is currently on of the most-used social media applications, and in a world where digital marketing is vital to business growth, it’s important to use a form of social media that will allow your brand to reach new customers. Here are some key reasons as to why Instagram is the market leader of social media right now.


Stories was a concept, originally, launched by Snapchat in October 2013. However, after witnessing the success Snapchat achieved, Instagram decided to introduce this function to their own app in August 2016. Although you can create stories with an array of filters and settings across all of these applications, Instagram stories now takes the lead, with twice as many daily users than Snapchat, according to CNBC  


With the businesses eager to grow their following across different social media platforms, there is an abundance of written content on the web. Therefore, Instagram may seem more appealing in this current technological revolution, as it allows instant advertisement through imagery, which has a high impact on the user and it requires less concentration. Many companies have adapted well to Instagram’s popularity, and now place their focus on digital imagery by creating prime digital content. As a digital marketing agency in Surrey, we know that this feature is just what makes Instagram so unique in the world of social media.


The modern-day use of a hashtag was first coined by Twitter in 2007, but it didn’t take long for other social media platforms to adopt this clever concept. Instagram followed in Twitter’s footsteps and utilised the hashtag in a way that was, perhaps, even more successful. However, Forbes have recently pointed out that, although the hashtags will allow brands to reach larger audiences, the hashtag feature will now allow people to find content more easily, which may reduce the need to follow accounts. As Instagram is one of the most used social media applications, with over 1 billion active uses, it means that brands will need to create engaging content to get people interacting with their posts and following their accounts, in order to stay competitive.

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