It’s Mother’s Day and here at Thunderbolt Digital it one of our favourite days! Who doesn’t love an entire day dedicated to showing your mum how much you appreciate them?! Here we have some fun facts and mothers day idea’s to help you out also including a cute infographic.

Did you know 1 in 3 people buy their mum flowers on this special day? Here’s a quick tip on how to really impress. Pink carnations represent gratitude and love or try red carnations that represent admirations. Make sure to inform your mum on what the meaning is behind these flowers to really touch her heart! Why not go that extra mile and buy a bouquet of both flowers.

75% of people take their mothers out for a meal so why not try taking her for a fancy meal in London or your closest city and treat her to an expensive bottle of bubbly why you’re at it. It’s always lovely to splurge your money on someone who will fully appreciate it.

Handmade gifts are one thing that is rocketing in popularity due to Pinterest and YouTube tutorials. We’ve taken it upon us to look up so DIY gifts perfect for you to do that creative and easy for you to make! Try turning a picture into a silhouette pop art piece or try writing down “Reasons why I love you” and popping them into a nicely decorated jar or into a book? This will also be something perfect to get your little ones involved in too!

Although it’s fun to go all out if you don’t want to spend a fortune, your mum will still appreciate a trip for afternoon tea at a local cafe for a quiet bonding time and a good catch up!

1 in 4 people take their mothers for a day out on Mother’s Day so why not treat her to a fun time day at the zoo or maybe something more relaxing like a spa day? Who doesn’t love to spend the day getting pampered?!

Buying a candle is a small commonality for people, however, put that extra 10% in by treating her to a big candle gift set just to step it up that little bit extra.

Mothers Day Ideas


Thunderbolt Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency wishing you a happy Mother’s Day. We hope this post has helped you plan a good Mother’s Days! If you have any questions about our services feel free to call at 01252 413757 or drop us an email at