Here at the Thunderbolt digital agency Surrey office, we are getting into the Christmas spirit with full force! Our tree is up, the Christmas songs are playing, and Secret Santa is around the corner. But how can you transfer your Christmas glee to your website? Here are a few tips from a digital agency Surrey on how to decorate your website for the festive season:


Make it Snow:

A simple yet effective design, get your web developer to download a snow falling plugin to your website – and watch winter fall upon your site! The effect doesn’t alter the user’s view of the website in any way either, making this easy add-on effortless! Nothing says Christmas like a snowy day!


Christmas Icons:

An easy way to get into the Christmas spirit is adding little festive icons, perfect for any website and colour interchangeable to match any colour scheme out there! Something as simple as a little Santa Claus or Rudolph can put anyone in the Christmas mood! Contact your digital agency Surrey to insert any Christmas icons you choose onto your page – you can pick out your favourites here:


Change your email signatures:

If your email signature features any images, consider adding a festive backdrop to them – snowflakes, baubles, presents, any of these could give your emails that Christmas flair. Ask your digital agency Surrey’s designer to create these for you or give them a go yourself! Receiving an email with a Christmas theme is sure to brighten anyone’s day!


So there you have it, a few easy and simple tricks to give your website/brand a Christmas twist to help you get into the festive season! For all your digital and web design needs, contact Thunderbolt Digital today by emailing or call our Farnham office at 01252 413757, and we’ll see what Christmas flavour we can give your brand!