Thunderbolt views our clients as a family and we are dedicated to providing an unrivaled service. Our clients can attest to the fact that Thunderbolt is available for them at any time, whatever the issue. Here’s how we work as a Surrey marketing agency to make sure our clients needs are at heart of the Thunderbolt Way:

Making the most of your budget

No matter the size of your budget, our award winning agency is qualified to achieve results. Any marketing effort begins as a learning process. Thunderbolt takes the time to get to know your business. So that we can do it right and market your brand as effectively as possible. We work to lower the cost per click and target the best audience in order to attract people that convert. Without spending all of your budget. We pride ourselves on delivering a healthy return on investment and return on ad spend to all our clients in a variety of industries.

Working to your specifications

We will always provide you with information and recommendations that are in your best interest. If there are certain products you wish to market specifically, we can pivot our efforts to achieve this. At Thunderbolt, we believe that your marketing strategy belongs to you. We are here to implement your wishes, while also guiding your strategy and reporting on the effectiveness of our efforts. 

Achieving your goals and targets

We keep you informed and up to date every step of the way. As excellent communication is at the heart of our business. Each month, we share a progress report and host a meeting with you so you are kept up to date with the progress of your account. Each month, we set new targets for your account. Depending on your business, this could either be a number of leads we need to provide you with, or a set amount of revenue we need to produce for you. We keep you up to date throughout the month as to any new leads that were produced by our marketing efforts. 

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