Google I/O 2022 was recently held in Mountain View, California. It included many new and exciting updates and announcements. Especially for mobile marketers, there is much to discuss surrounding this event. As a leading digital marketing agency in Surrey, we will break down some of these updates. 

Privacy Update 

Prior to Android 13, apps on Android devices were granted permission to send push notifications to customers by default. However, in order to prevent customers from feeling overwhelmed with high quantities of push notifications, Android 13 now requires apps to ask for permission to send push notifications. This is a practice that is already in place for iOS. 

Android Privacy Sandbox 

Privacy Sandbox allows for new advertising solutions that can enhance your customers’ privacy without risking access to free content and services. How might this affect your marketing? Google wants the community to share relevant and personalised ads whilst being able to analyse the performance of ads. However, Google also wants to do this whilst maintaining a significant focus on customer privacy. 

How Can Sandbox Help Marketers Measure Performance? 

As it stands, marketers depend on third-party cookies in order to gain access to a person’s browsing activity data. Privacy Sandbox is set to replace third-party cookies with newer ad performance measuring tools to facilitate ad relevance and analyse performance. This means people’s identities are hidden across websites they visit. Furthermore, Attribution reporting API will allow advertisers to measure their ad campaign performance through data including conversion counts, campaigns and creative assets for the ads. 

Drastic Changes to Search 

Google aims to keep its products as relevant as possible to an increasingly tech-savvy consumer base. Thus, Google has unveiled new ways for people to use image search in order to find nearby items. Users will also be able to identify objects using smartphone cameras. These new ways of finding items online opens up a range of possibilities, especially for retailers looking to sell physical goods online. 

Google Maps Update

Google has stated that it hopes to make Maps “more immersive”. The tech giant will not be following in the footsteps of Meta with virtual reality. However, a more augmented reality looks to be the current direction. 

Search and Maps could merge together to form a useful AR experience. With image search, you could take a photo, conduct image searches and be guided to the vendor. 


As professionals in the field of digital marketing Surrey, we hope you found this article useful. With many exciting things in store with Google, digital marketers will need to adapt to coming changes. However announcements such as the updates to Google Maps as well as search provide marketers with new and exciting ways to bring results from their campaigns. 

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