Recently Facebook has revealed what content will be limited in news feeds. Whilst it is not entirely revolutionary, it is important to heed this knowledge in order for your business to show up as much as possible. This is crucial for online businesses who use social media for exposure and marketing. As a Surrey marketing agency, we understand the importance of extending your reach as far as possible, and so we want to help you make the most of your social media marketing efforts. Here is a rundown of the content that factors into your posts reach, according to Facebook.


Key Ranking Elements


Facebook’s aim is to limit content that is problematic and misleading. There has been a heightened focus on reducing spam posts and click bait, and so if any posts are deemed by Facebook as falling into this category they will not rank high, if at all. The focus is on reducing posts that fall into the following categories;


Click Bait And Engagement Bait – misleading posts that encourage clicks or request engagement for reasons other than calls to action.


Ad Farms And Spam Pages – posts may contain links to pages full of ads designed to boost traffic, these will be limited to avoid this. Similarly, spam pages that may have malware, or over advertised content can also be restricted. 


Any Content That Is Deemed Low Quality – Live broadcasts that are identified as prerecorded or ‘static’ will not be accepted by Facebook, nor will videos that are posted as ‘videos’ but have no audio and are deemed still images. The same ruthless approach goes for events, browsing experiences and comments. Any content that is incomplete, ‘unauthentic’ or has multiple errors will likely not show up, so be careful about the quality of what you post. 


Suspicious Links – Any links suspected of being cloaking domains (links that cover up true destination of link by covering up true name of web address) or links that lead to sites requesting personal data overtly before revealing content will likely be hidden or taken down.


A Nudge For Transparency 


This revelation by Facebook comes after an evaluation of what users like and need from posts and what they dislike. An interesting thing to note is that Facebook will also be decreasing reach for content that isn’t mobile user friendly. This is is key in a world where mobile is taking over. The push for transparency is unsurprising as more and more social media channels crack down on unethical content. The aim for a more user focused, trustworthy environment is vital as more and more businesses turn to social media for a marketing platform. 


What Does This Mean For Your Business?

And how can you ensure that your content is reaching your target audience? As a rule of thumb, try to stick to educational, useful and non-controversial content. Interesting and high-quality images and videos can be a great way to engage your audience. Even adding in links that are safe and non-misleading can help drive website traffic. To ensure that your business is deemed reputable, stick to correct grammar and coherent graphics. For example, be careful when choosing profile pictures and headers that match your businesses branding. Also, involve yourself  in local groups and use a couple of relevant hashtags to help your visibility. 


We Can Help You – Surrey Marketing Agency 


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