The Apple Watch is Apple’s first new product category since the iPad launched in 2010. Several companies have recently unveiled or launched a smartwatch (which you can read about in our recent Mobile World Congress post) but it is the Apple Watch that seems to have the eyes of the world on it.

A product in development being watched this closely is a new situation for Apple, who usually shroud their projects in secrecy until they have a finished product that is retail ready. Under former CEO Steve Jobs, Apple gained a reputation for suddenly and spectacularly revealing beautifully designed devices which would surprise everyone. The iPhone launch came as a metaphorical rabbit out of a hat, with Jobs having publicly laughed off the idea of a phone in 2005. The launch of the iPad was conducted under a similar strategy and the product was only revealed when it was ready for retail.

Current CEO Tim Cook revealed the Apple Watch in September 2014, before having an idea of when it would be ready for consumers to buy. This new marketing strategy has allowed a buzz to build around the Apple Watch, which will officially be launched later today (9th March 2015) in California. Revealing fully developed products in the past has made for Apple being viewed as one the most innovative technology brands out there. Now that they have built up this reputation; will we be seeing a more transparent marketing strategy from Apple, whereby they reveal new product categories months ahead of their release?

With rumours aplenty suggesting their entry into the television and even car market, we may not have to wait long to find out. The Apple Watch will be available in three different models – standard, “sport” and the luxury “edition”.


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