Experienced Surrey web designers like the in house team at Thunderbolt Digital know a good website when we see one and are also quick to notice sites with poor features that could easily be updated. A lot of business owners don’t realise the huge impact small changes can make, and how simple it can be to reduce bounce rate and increase conversions. Hoping to engage your traffic more? Why not consider changing your:


Our Surrey web designers understand that colour is massively important.  Colour theory is a complicated subject, and along with pleasing aesthetics, certain colours can convey different messages and moods. When designing a website colour choice is vital in keeping things legible, as well as providing contrast. When choosing which colours, it’s good to think about which ones match or complement your brand/logo colours as well as which ones convey the message you’re after (for example, red is a passionate and energetic colour, and maybe less suited to websites dedicated to services such as healthcare or legal advice

Layout Is Key For Our Surrey Web Designers

We all know that content is king, not just for marketing but web design too – but have you considered the way in which it’s being delivered to your audience? Your layout is just as important as the content you’re hosting!

You need to consider legibility and UX (user experience) as well as eye-tracking. Did you know that most users scan webpages in either an “F” or “Z” pattern? Use these frames to centre your content to make it easily scannable and inviting to read. 


This is something we mention frequently because it’s just so important in our line of work. We all like to look at pictures, and this is especially true when it comes to webpages; seeing nothing but text on screen can be off-putting to many, but balancing text with images helps keeps users engaged rather than scaring them off.

Of course, not just any picture will do. Ensure that they’re thematically relevant, and aim to use striking, high-quality images whenever possible. You’ll also want to optimise pictures to balance high resolution with low file sizes to keep load times to a minimum (remember that users will very readily abandon sites that take too long to load!).

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