It all began when I started to work at Thunderbolt Digital, a web design agency in Surrey. I was quickly introduced to post production movie animation and motion graphics, partnered up with a video marketing executive. It was my task to uphold the high standard of work produced by the team of digital experts here at Thunderbolt, via the use of the popular Adobe package After Effects.

I soon found myself in the office with the awesome power of After Effects in my hands, and immediately found a passion for it, beginning to produce motion graphics for Thunderbolt. The first video I worked on was for the capital club.

The first hands on experience with after effects for me, was the use of a combination of factors, professional videos supplied by the VME’s gave me a high standard to live up to. After receiving a brief on what was required for the video, I began to use a mix of slick and fancy motion graphics to enhance the video, making it stand above others via the use of elegant and professional templates. From these I edited and adjusted them to suit the needs of Thunderbolt.

Another video was right around the corner that required attention, this time for professional hair dressers, Remington Harrow. The video required that a strict guideline be followed, all text and colours where to match the site we created for them, this lead me to design text motion graphics via the use of motion capture and motion tracking, meaning text that follows body parts, or text that disappears as you pass through them, they do look impressive.

There is a clear design difference in the way in which corporate and none corporate After Effects is coordinated and used. For example, corporate After Effects is very strict, with the minimal use of colour and is very subtle, while on the other hand non-corporate  After Effects can go wild, literally wild. Just picture the difference on the BBC news when the After Effects intro is playing to when the subtle text is scrolling across the screen at the bottom of the actual news.

Thunderbolt has already provided me with a wealth of experience in design, motion graphics, post video and pre video production. In the space of 4 weeks they have been responsible for me finding a passion with after effects, without such direction, I may not have discovered my creative potential. I love working with After Effects and chasing motion graphics for Thunderbolt.

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