Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve problem seen the new, heart-warming, Christmas advert by Sainsbury’s. After this viral marketing clip circulated its way round our Surrey based office a couple of times it got our marketing executives and web designers thinking – What are the best Christmas Adverts of 2014?


It’s no surprise that at the top of the list is the Sainsbury’s Christmas advert. Created in partnership with The Royal British Legion, this brilliant marketing video depicts the historical events of the Christmas truce where on Christmas day 1914, during World War 1, both English and German troops stopped fighting and ventured into no man’s land to wish each other a Merry Christmas, exchange food, sing carols and eventually lead to a friendly game of football.


John Lewis

John Lewis has always been infamous for their Christmas adverts, and this year is no exception. John Lewis has opted for a cuter approach this year in comparison to Sainsbury’s featuring  The advert follows a narrative of Sam and his best friend Monty playing hide and seek, going to the park and other fun kids activities. Things start to get a bit teary when Sam starts to realise that his best friend is feeling lonely, driving him to surprise him with a new friend, Mabel, for Christmas.



Taking a more direct approach to video marketing, featuring shots of their stores and logo, Debenhams still has one of the best Christmas adverts this year. Debenhams theme is “Found It” with the advert features a group of kids staying overnight in a Debenhams store searching for the best Christmas present. After much searching and running around the store trying on shoes and doing what kids do best – making a mess, one little girl finds a particularly special gift, connoting the idea that Debenhams is the one stop place to do all your Christmas shopping.


Marks & Spencer

The Marks & Spencer Christmas advert this year is based around the magic of Christmas with the two fairies Magic and Sparkle sprinkling random acts of kindness throughout the city. What we like about this Christmas advert is the attention paid towards the magic and wonder associated with his holiday, through the fairies spreading their fairy dust to those who need it, whilst reflecting upon how Christmas is also a time for giving.



You know that ‘Holiday’s are coming’ when you see the Coca Cola Christmas advert. Rather than the traditional advert Coke normal does of the iconic van driving around a snowy village, this years marketing video is featured around the hashtag #happyholidays.  The advert starts with Santa (wearing the iconic red suit which many believe coke changed to tier into their brand identity) watching over the world, featuring images of people performing selfless deeds for others, representing one of the key ideologies of Christmas. The tip of the iceberg is the reference to the classic Coke Christmas advert at the end, featuring a family watching the Coke vans driving through a snowy town.


We hope you have enjoyed our pick of the best Christmas adverts of 2014. If you have seen any Christmas adverts that have caught your eye, we’d love to hear from you in the comments, or send us a tweet to @Thunderboltdigi.

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