Google Analytics has proven to be the most popular website analytics tool for website owners and businesses. Millions of businesses around the world have benefited from the insights it can provide. The new GA4 upgrade brings with it a variety of new and exciting features and ways to read and analyse data. As a leading SEO company in Surrey, we will guide you through some of GA4’s latest features and how your business can benefit. 

Key Insights with Machine Learning

Google has applied its advanced machine learning in Google Analytics 4. It automatically detects trends in your data then alerts you about them. This upgrade is of little surprise considering Google’s reputation as a leader in machine learning. 

Additionally GA4 can predict user behaviour and actions, allowing you to plan ahead. Google has stated that they will continue to add predictive metrics. For example, GA4 can make a prediction regarding your revenue from certain groups. Capabilities such as this will allow you to create audiences and run analysis regarding how likely a group is to convert in comparison to others. 

Integration Options 

GA4 introduces a deeper integration with Google Ads. You can implement the data from Google Analytics 4 to build custom audiences. The benefit here being that the custom audiences are more relevant to your customers no matter how they choose to  interact with your business.

Another  feature was introduced which according to Google, “addresses longtime advertiser requests”. What is meant here is the new ability to track conversions from YouTube.

Data Controls 

Data privacy is a top priority for most businesses. Thus, Google has adopted a new approach to data controls. There are 3 features: 

  • GA4 users have more control regarding how they can collect, retain, and share data.
  • Users have an option to decide whether they want to use the data collected for ads personalization.
  • Users may delete Analytics data simply by submitting requests to Google.

GA4 is designed to adapt to a future without cookies and identifiers. Furthermore, Google aims to cover the data gap with machine learning. In doing so, marketers can maintain accurate data and customise their campaigns with data-driven signals.


As an SEO company in Surrey, we are very excited about the release of GA4 and the new possibilities it can provide. New features include key insights from machine learning as well as new integration options such as the ability to track leads from YouTube. GA4 also takes a new approach to Data controls, allowing for greater control. 

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