Digital marketing is no longer optional for businesses. As a digital marketing in Surrey we understand it can be a difficult task to get digital marketing help. Find out how to choose the best digital marketing partner for your small or medium sized business to succeed online.


Small and Medium Business Marketing Struggle

When small to medium businesses engage a larger marketing agency, they can find that their account gets less attention than it deserves. Often the only way for a business to increase the time a larger agency spends on its account is to increase its ad spend. But this is counterproductive. The business just ends up spending more money to receive a good return on investment, which isn’t the most effective way to increase revenue!

A similar problem can happen when small to medium businesses appoint a digital marketing freelancer. Businesses can end up competing with other bigger clients for the freelancer’s time and attention. Not only will a freelancer have less in-house expertise than an agency, but the freelancer will need to dedicate time to running their own business. This means that freelancers have even less time to dedicate to getting marketing returns for their clients than agencies.


Growing Small and Medium Enterprises Online

A small to medium business is no different from other businesses. Any organisation that wants to grow online needs specialist expertise from a dedicated marketing partner. Good marketing partners will use their time and resources to deliver healthy month-on-month returns on investment. A marketing partner is even more important for small businesses. Due to a lack of internal marketing resources, small businesses often need support from a marketing partner to also define its branding and website user experience. Getting these elements right first will help to get the best returns from digital marketing.

Small to medium businesses need a better route to market digitally than what larger agencies or freelancers can offer. Working with an agency that prioritises smaller businesses and has fewer overheads than a larger agency is key to get the most for your budget. An agency is worth investing in over a freelancer due to their detailed knowledge of search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per click (PPC), and social media marketing that they will have in-house. In the capable hands of an agency that prioritises small to medium enterprises, digital marketing will increase enquiries, and ultimately, sales. 


Why a Full-Service Agency is Best

A full-service agency that pairs website development with digital marketing is the best approach for small to medium sized businesses. If you develop a gleaming new website with a designer or developer, it doesn’t guarantee that your future customers can find it online. Instead, a full-service agency will constantly communicate between its website design / development and marketing teams. This ensures that your website can be found by Google and other search engines, not only looking great but sounding great too.

Over the last 8 years, Thunderbolt Digital’s team of digital experts have run results-led digital marketing campaigns for small and medium sized businesses. We are a trusted partner to ensure that our clients grow as efficiently as possible. We deliver over 500% month-on-month return on investment and ad spend to some clients. Check out our portfolio to see the results we return for organisations across multiple sectors. 

Whether your ambition is to source the best leads for your small to medium business, to grow your business beyond the start-up phase, or to maximise explosive growth, Thunderbolt’s ethos to give small to medium businesses value for money is embedded in every stage of our full-service agency.


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