As a marketing agency in Surrey, we know how important blogs are for SEO. Competition today is fierce and it’s harder than ever to make your website visible. You may be thinking, why bother with blogs? Will anyone actually read them? But they are a lot more valuable than you think. 


What is SEO in Surrey?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is where your website appears in Google search results when someone enters a keyword or phrase relating to your product or service. Writing blogs centred around specific keywords are a simple way to get more traffic to your website by increasing your visibility.


Use keyword optimisation

Tools like SE Ranking show you how well you are performing for keywords, and which keywords have the highest search volume and competition. You can also do a competitor analysis to see which keywords your competitors are ranking for. Keywords with a high search volume are worth targeting. You can write a blog to do with these keywords and use tools like Yoast Plugins to optimise for them. Adding these valuable keywords to your website can improve your organic ranking in search engines. 


Provide consumer relevant content

Regularly writing and uploading blogs shows Google, and potential customers, that you are an active business. This encourages potential customers to interact with your website, which will lead to exposure and visibility. If consumers like your content and engage with it, they may explore other areas of your website or get in touch with an enquiry. As a bonus, Google’s algorithm likes new, original content, and this will improve your website ranking.


Have a compelling blog title 

The title of your blog is very important for search rankings. The title needs to grab the user’s attention and make them want to click the link and read on. To help your SEO, you could include your keyword in the title.


Have a captivating meta description

The meta description is the snippet of information that appears under the title summarising what your page is about before user’s click on it. Similar to the blog title, this needs to entice the user and make them want to read your blog to find out more. To make it SEO friendly, you could include the keyword in the meta description.


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