Those who write online content on a consistent and regular basis will often fall into the same trap. That is the trap of producing boring and generic content. Such content can reflect poorly on your brand as it can make you seem lazy as a writer. Such content will also often fail to stand out on search engine results where competition is stiff. As a leading marketing Surrey agency, we will provide some tips to make more engaging and interesting content. 

Get Inspiration without Copying 

As a marketing Surrey agency we understand that It is easy to fit in, and harder to stand out. Many blog writers online, will simply rehash or copy other writers’ content. Although it can be tempting to do this, doing so will not help you to stand out online. Rather than copying, learn to take inspiration from other writers. If you are a business, it can be really helpful to look to competitors for content inspiration. See what has worked for them, and see how you can make their ideas your own. 

What’s Your Motive? 

It is important to consider what it is you are trying to achieve with your content writing. For instance, freelancers may intend to provide their clients with the best quality for what they asked for. Alternatively, copywriters will intend to sell products or services through their copy. 

However, content writers with a niche may struggle to know what their intentions are. Generic writers will simply aim to write content. Alternatively, non-generic writers will want to make content that is high quality and turns users into regular consumers. You may even have an email list that you hope to convince people to join. 

Be Confident

A generic writer often will not be very confident with the content they create. They will merely copy other content into their own words, hit publish and hope it performs well. Simply throwing content at a wall and hoping it sticks is not a good method, regardless of your motives. As marketing Surrey specialists, we suggest you try to establish EAT (expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness). If you do not publish content that is authentic and trustworthy, it should come as no surprise that you do not have confidence or pride in your work. 


Becoming a less generic content writer starts first with your attitude towards your work. Are you simply copying other content online in the hopes to get the same results? There is no shame in taking inspiration from other creators, but making it your own is essential. You also need to ensure that you are confident in your work and that it is trustworthy and authoritative. 

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