In the current circumstances, nothing is set in stone. We have all had to adapt and overcome in order to survive in these challenging times. Although we have become so accustomed to working in a certain way as a marketing agency in a single building in Surrey, we are adapting to provide a service that is no different to if we were in the office.  


Home working, how it works for a marketing agency in Surrey


Home working isn’t easy for those that aren’t accustomed to it. Our Thunderbolt team can attest to that. There’s been learning curves and the occasional hurdle of Wifi cut outs, but we are learning how to use the circumstances to our advantage. A marketing agency, whether in Surrey or beyond, is built around customer relations and a client relationship, these aspects have become significantly harder at the moment, but the technology of today is making short work of our problems. 


Keeping in touch with clients 


Through the powers of Zoom and, our meetings haven’t really changed. Though we cant meet in person, our catch up meetings have taken a different approach. Now every 2 weeks instead of 4, we are keeping our clients in the loop every step of the way. With these uncertain times, there will always be winners and losers, we are working with our strategy team to ensure that success is maximised and any potential drop in sales is minimised. 


Our benefits that benefit you


Our team is used to working as a marketing agency, and that’s still what we’re doing from our homes in Surrey. We’re working for you as a team, while being miles apart. We have found that our work has become more efficient with less distractions during the day. Some of us are even working overtime as there’s no commute; we are dedicated to getting you the results you desire. Our clients don’t even have to commute to us for meetings, they can see their progress from the comfort of their own homes, all they need is a computer. 


Winners of the circumstances


There is no way to predict how long these circumstances will continue for, but we are working tirelessly to ensure our clients are taken care of. We have clients from all walks of business. As one of Surrey’s leading marketing agencies, some of our clients are receiving an ROI of over 1,600%. Whatever your business, we can help you boost your current footing in the market; we know times may be hard at the moment, but now is the time to get your product, service or business seen. 

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