As a trusted Surrey marketing agency, the team at Thunderbolt Digital are specialists in practices like social media management, web design, hosting, SEO, SMM, and much more! We like to stay at the front off all that’s cutting edge and so always keep updated with the latest industry news to pass along to our clients and contact, including updates to various apps, such as Instagram.

A new social media update has dropped, and it looks like Instagram has finally added a feature that will allow users to save photos as drafts – fantastic! This latest addition is perfect for those of us who are perfectionists, easily distracted, or like to plan ahead; business users and marketers will certainly be making use to ‘queue’ up images for future posts, rather than having to do everything in the moment, and this will definitely be of great help when it comes to planning future updates. As of yet, Instagram still lacks a scheduling feature like Facebook, so any drafts will still have to be manually posted, but this is certainly a step in the right direction for marketers everywhere!

For those of you eager to try out this latest feature, you can save a draft by attempting to back out of the editing process – a dialogue box will then appear prompting you to cancel, discard, or save as draft, though this option will only appear if you’ve edited the photo in some way, added a caption, or tagged someone. Once you’ve saved a post, it can then be accessed later by pressing the camera icon and viewing your library, as if you were uploading an entirely new photo. Simple!

Unfortunately, you cannot make any more changes to the photo when you load a draft – any editing you want to do to your chosen image has to be done before saving to drafts, otherwise you’ll simply have to start over again.

The save to draft feature was initially tested back in July by a select group of users, but has now been officially released for both Android and iOS, and is available immediately.

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