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Keeping your business organised isn’t easy at the best of times; but, with working from home this has become even more complicated. Obviously everyone’s business is different so these suggestions may not work for all, but they can suit a business like ours, a digital marketing agency in Surrey. We use the following tools in order to keep our projects on track and running smoothly. Why not give them a try to see if they can improve the efficiency of your company?



We use Teamwork on a daily basis. It can be used and adapted in many ways to suit your business and the way it works, there is no right way to use it. We use it to keep track of all incoming tasks and client requests; and then be able to allocate these to particular people to complete. We do this through different “task boards”. Our Project Coordinator creates the relevant tickets for the development team, adds the expected time frame, all relevant information, including screenshots or links. This is then placed into a person’s task board to be completed on a particular day. On the marketing side we use this to keep track of the clients updates, action points from the last meeting, and where we are with progress on that account. It allows us to address any issues immediately and resolve them as soon as possible. We also have morning meetings to go through the tasks of each team member for that day to make sure all action points are being worked on. This ensures we keep our clients happy with our progress and efficiency. 



This nifty little tool is a great way to keep track of your to do list. This isn’t the same as writing it down on a piece of paper and then ticking it off. This site allows you to share your to do list with others in your company. It can allow others to add to it as the day goes on as well, so if your boss needs something done ASAP it can be added to the top of your list. You can have multiple lists to organise between the importance of tasks, you can have a “Today” list or a “This week” list. We find this is great for making sure you don’t miss any tasks by accident, it also means that people can add to your workload and include all the relevant information in the ticket itself rather than having to call you and explain it. We find this speeds up the process. 



Slack is a tool used by many companies. As a digital marketing agency in Surrey we find it useful as it allows us to communicate like you would on Whatsapp, but purely with those in your company. You can set up groups for particular projects or direct message people individually. It is a great way for people to communicate quickly and effectively. You can call on it, and even create a conference call if necessary. There can even be an overall noticeboard for the whole company to see, which can be used for announcements like upcoming birthdays or company information. There are a few different systems like this that you can use, but we find Slack the most useful as it allows us to have the occasional “water cooler” moment and catch up with others in the company now that we don’t see each other daily. 


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