As a top local digital agency, Thunderbolt Digital are proud to be a company that stays on top of best practice and is not afraid to revise strategies in order to fit what work best in social media Surrey. Using social media as a company is very different to using it as an individual, and many SMEs can struggle to find their feet and find their voice online, which is why we’re here – to give you all some quick pointers on key things you should remember when using social media to further your business online.

Be Social

The clue is in the name here – social media! Our social media Surrey team advise you use your business pages to actually socialise with your target audience; have conversations and humanise your brand – this will make your company seem less impersonal (which can be off-putting for potential customers, especially for SMEs and local businesses). Not only is engaging with your audience good PR, but it can help you find out more about the people you’re marketing to, making targeting even easier!

Of course, customers aren’t the only people you can speak to on social media! Talking to other businesses and indulging in a bit of light hearted back and forth can do wonders for your public image and really win over customers!

Value Your Customers

Client loyalty, as well as being something that simply cannot be bought, is something that is hard-won, and difficult to earn back once lost! With this in mind, it should be a priority to look after and keep existing customers; the guarantee of repeat custom is something that cannot be ignored, and it is generally easier and less expensive to keep customers than gain new ones. Of course, it’s not that you shouldn’t be looking to expand at all, just don’t forget about your current customers to your detriment!

Keep on Top

It pays to stay aware of international holidays and current events, especially during the digital age where people from all over the world are connected. It may feel inconsequential to know that it’s National Doughnut Day, but it can help give you a topic to tweet about, and keeping up to speed with current events means you can avoid misunderstandings, time clashes, and possibly insensitive posts. For whilst you may have topics queued for posting on your business page, certain deaths or tragic events in the news can make these a no-go area in very little time, so stay alert! You can also use this knowledge to help with the other aspects of social media, such as using special events to start a dialogue with your online followers, or to run a themed promotion.

If your business is in need of expert assistance with social media Surrey, digital marketing, PPC, and more, then Thunderbolt Digital are here to help. Our team are dedicated to helping you achieve your digital goals and will work closely with you to increase your visibility and find more leads online. To find out more about our team, our service, or how we can help your business, email us today at or give us a ring at 01252 413757; our friendly team will be happy to answer your questions!