Thunderbolt Digital are a trusted digital agency with years of professional experience in online marketing Surrey, and have worked with many local businesses and startups to help them achieve their desired results. In this digital age, many of you involved in online marketing are familiar with the adage “content is king” and it’s true that content is indeed a very successful form of marketing. However, whilst you should always be mindful to remain in control of your brand and online presence, it isn’t a bad idea to delve into the world of user-generated content, here’s few reasons why:

  • Encouraging participation by requesting customers share photos, jokes, art, or other content is a lot more appealing to most people – the idea of “getting involved” can really help increase engagement where normal campaigns might miss the mark
  • Traditionally companies are the ones releasing adverts or making posts in an attempt to market themselves – this can lead to audiences feeling overly passive and ‘advertised to’. Offering customers a chance to actually generate content and interact with your brand makes them feel listened to and valued, and can really help establish a connection between brand and customer
  • User generated content is a low-cost option, especially for the use of an on-going campaign (think Vanish’s “Tip Exchange” or Great British Bake Off’s “Your Bakes”) and reviews are essentially free marketing for you
  • User generated content can actually function as another covert form of market research; the kind of content that users are creating in relation to your brand can show you what they think of you, any complaints they may have, or what they would like to see from you. This, in turn, can only improve your long-term marketing efforts

If you’d like to learn more about user generated content, or need assistance with your online marketing Surrey, then local digital agency Thunderbolt Digital are here to help! Our fully in-house team will create a personalised to plan to help you achieve what you want in a realistic time frame, and without breaking the bank! To find out more about what we can do for you, then get in touch today by emailing or ringing 01252 413757 – our team will be happy to answer any questions!