As a marketing agency in Surrey that specialises in online marketing campaigns, we know how important it is to use an integrated marketing campaign. It might seem like extra work, but trust us – it really pays off and it’s actually quite easy to set up.


What is it?

Let’s start simple; what is an integrated marketing campaign? An integrated marketing campaign uses multiple different platforms, such as social media, Google and email, to advertise a product or service and convey a consistent message about your brand.


Maximise Exposure – using a marketing agency in Surrey

By using an integrated marketing campaign across multiple channels, you are maximising your brand exposure. People in different age groups or demographics will have different platforms they prefer to obtain their information. Younger audiences may use Snapchat, Google and Instagram for example, while older people may use Facebook, LinkedIn or email. By advertising across multiple platforms, you are increasing the volume of people and different audiences that you can reach.


Increase brand awareness and recognition

By using an integrated marketing campaign and having clear, consistent messaging this means customers and potential customers will receive the same message no matter where they encounter your brand. Presenting brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%. So everything that you are putting online about your brand needs to be consistent and use the same colour scheme, aesthetic, similar tone of voice, and communicate the same message. This minimises the chance of brand confusion and maximises your chances of brand awareness. Plus, it takes 5 to 7 interactions with a brand for people to recognise it. By ensuring that the look and feel and tone of voice are similar across all platforms, you are maximising the chances of brand recognition.


Increase sales

By advertising across multiple platforms and increasing the reach of your campaigns, you are increasing the chances of your ideal customer finding your business and making a purchase.


Using a marketing agency in Surrey is cost effective

By having an integrated marketing campaign that conveys a consistent message, you are saving time; as well as resources on creating multiple visuals and copywriting for the same campaign. This will therefore save you money in the long run. It also allows your marketers to dedicate their energy to getting the right message and visuals across in your campaign. Plus, by using an integrated marketing campaign you are increasing your chances of success and sales. This will mean you get the most from your budget and deliver a healthy return on ad spend. 


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