As a trusted digital agency that offers local start-ups professional quality online services and web development Surrey, the team here at Thunderbolt Digital are pretty knowledgeable when it comes to what makes a good site! We’re always looking for ways to help our clients improve their image and the online experience for their customers, which is something that needs to be done regularly – especially when it comes to mobile users!

Whether we like it or not, we’re now in an age where mobile-only users have overtaken and now outnumber desktop-only users, with over 80% of shoppers using devices to help them make purchasing decisions, meaning that this now significant fraction of customers simply cannot afford to be overlooked by businesses any longer. So how can you keep the attention and loyalty of these mobile shoppers? Well, there are certain steps you can take to improve your site’s mobile-friendliness, and make things far easier for people using your site on mobile devices including…

A good place to start is by ensuring that your site is properly mobile responsive! What do we mean by this? Notice that some sites are indeed ‘responsive’ but this doesn’t mean that they’re easy to use on mobiles! For your sites to be sufficiently responsive for mobile browsers, then your mobile site needs to have easily-clickable links, readable copy should be readable, and images should be of an appropriate size (poor responsive sites can often have text and pictures that are too small!).

Another good habit to get into is to frequently consider omni-channel shoppers, i.e. those who browse your site on both their desktop computers and mobile devices. Mobile site navigation shouldn’t be drastically different to what’s on desktop to prevent confusion and frustration amongst potential customers.

Mobile users will really appreciate you keeping typing to a minimum on your site. Actually keying in information on mobile devices is always tedious, and the less we can get away with, the better! Integrating customer accounts and methods of payments such as PayPal can make all the difference to customers who hate typing out all their information at checkouts, and help prevent abandoned online baskets!

If you’re in need of professional advice regarding web development Surrey, then Thunderbolt Digital should be your first port of call! Our highly skilled team will work closely with you to design and develop a website that you’ll be proud to call yours and that your customers will love to use! If you’d like to know more about the services we provide then simply email us today at or give us a call on 01252 413757; our friendly team will be glad to help!