As a trusted local digital agency, Thunderbolt are always willing to lend a helping hand to SMEs and start ups who are feeling a little lost, whether they’re looking for assistance with SEO, social media management, web design, or marketing Surrey. The rise of mobile devices has seen a surge in the number of apps available for consumers, and many small businesses may be considering entering the fray – but is it worth it?

Mobile is becoming more and more important to both consumers and marketers, with most Google searches being made from mobiles and 62% of all digital time coming from mobile devices, with mobile apps making up 50% of that time. Considering how much time consumers spend on mobiles,  it’s no wonder that many businesses are tempted by the idea of their own app – but is it a good idea?

Apps are able to offer businesses and consumers a number of options that standard mobile websites can’t, including the use of a camera, geolocation and push notifications, the latter of which are more likely to be viewed and interacted with than email marketing.

The above can all help your business get closer to your customers, allowing you to find out preferences and habits, paving the way for you to offer personalisation and loyalty schemes, all of which are useful tool when it comes to growing client relationships and retaining customers.

Certain businesses may be more suited to apps than others; those with regular and repeat customers (such as a personal trainer) may benefit from an app with a scheduling feature and a way to notify each other of delays; small commerce stores can streamline purchases for customers with in-app order and payment options for products that can then be collected in-store; and IT support companies and the like can provide customer service to users at their convenience. Apps also offer an easy way to encourage feedback, either in-app or via the app provider (e.g. Google Play or the App Store).

However, you must approach your decision to make an app from all angles, including the negatives. Ask yourself if it’s worthwhile for your business to have an app, and if your customers will even use it if given the chance. Phone memory is valuable to consumers, and many will not install apps they don’t see themselves using regularly, or may promptly delete them if they end up being more of a drain on their time than actually useful.

Unless you offer something truly unique or useful, then it might be best to leave apps out of your marketing strategy for now, and focus on improving your mobile web experience instead. If an app just simply doesn’t make sense for your brand and what you offer then there is no sense investing time and money to see no results; apps can be expensive not only to build but to maintain too – you need to be absolutely sure that an app will be worthwhile before you take the plunge!

If you think that your business could benefit from having an app then Thunderbolt Digital can help you create the perfect one for your brand, as well as help you gain visibility by coaching you in the ways of marketing Surrey. We love working with businesses that have interesting concepts and big ideas, so why not share your with us today and let us help you make it online? Email our friendly team at or call our office on 01252 413757 and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help you.