It’s a busy time here for the team here at Thunderbolt Digital; as always we are working hard on a number of digital projects but right now we are also starting to think about Mother’s Day. We all love our mums and this year the special day (but of course we love them every day) for showing it falls on 15th March; when millions of us will give cards, flowers, chocolates and gifts.

But what if you want to give a more alternative Mother’s Day gift? We love finding unique gifts for special occasions and Mother’s Day is no different. Here, we go through some of the best ideas for alternative Mother’s Day gifts, as well as quirky twists on some of the classics…


Unique Cards

Starting with the card. This is the first thing that your mum will see on the day – perhaps when you bring her breakfast in bed – so make it a special one. Websites such as Folksy are packed full of independent artists selling beautifully designed cards; from vintage floral scenes to classy cartoons.



Flowers with an up-cycled twist. We all love giving our mum flowers on Mother’s Day, so why not give flowers with a stylish interior design feature? Light bulb vases such as this one sold on would make a for a unique, modern spin on the traditional gift of flowers.


Making Art With Your Voice

If your mum is into science and technology, this personalised sound wave art print on Etsy is perfect – you record and send the spoken message of your choice to the artist, who then transforms the sound wave from your voice into a work of art. You can further customise the print with a written message at the bottom or by submitting another spoken message, which is then overlapped with the first message in another colour.


Name A Star After Your Mum

Another excellent gift for those science loving mums out there would be to have a star named after them – a genuine star in outer space! Name A Star offers an out of this world gift package which includes a certificate confirming the name of your star, star charts to help find it in the night sky as well a wealth of further information on astronomy.


Personalised Perfume

Perfume is another staple gift that many of us love to buy our mums for Mother’s Day, birthdays and Christmas; this year try giving perfume with a twist – the twist being that your mum can create her own fragrance. Prezzybox stock a sublime “Design Your Own Perfume Set” that comes with six different scents, along with pipettes, paper blotters, an atomiser and an instruction leaflet to guide users through the process.


A Butterfly House

DotComGifts are currently selling an interesting twist on the birdhouse, with this “Butterfly Hotel” which will bring the magic of fluttering butterflies to your mum’s garden. The hotel is also available in a bee version for those who want to give something back to our honey providers!


Promise Tokens

If you’re still struggling with gift ideas, don’t worry for we have the solution! Give your mum a set of tokens with promises of hugs, preparing meals and tidying the house for her. Crafty readers could design their own – perhaps in a classic theatre or cinema ticket style – alternatively, websites such as stock artist designed tokens that come with a personalised card


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